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Bringing Out The Best In Your Lash & Brows

The Aesthetic Chapters GLASH Revive treatment will deliver results on your overall lash & brow growth length in just a matter of months!

Using a nano needling technology from France that gently stimulates your hair follicles to promote natural growth of your eyelashes or brows. The device we use is embedded with surgical stainless steel nano-needle technology that dosent hurt at all. You won’t feel any pain during the treatment and only a slight vibrating sensation will be present


Our painfree non invasive treatment allows efficient delivery of active lash loving properties deep into the dermis layer of your skin allowing up to 95% better absorption to trigger lash or brow growth within 2 -3 cycles.


Strengthen hair roots so lashes / brows do not fall off easily
Promotes longer and denser lashes / brows
Permanent growth
No pain
No side effects
No downtime

Ingredients & Technology

TAC’s Lash & Brow Regrowth Treatment uses the latest nano micro needle technology to stimulate hair follicles and to strengthen the root of your lashes or brows with our stem cell serum. The micro needling has 2 key functions:

1) Clear blocked lash / brow  follicles so that lashes  and brows can regrow effectively

2) Activate lash follicles to encourage better absorption of nutrients. The serum delivers nutrients needed to prolong the life cycle of the lashes / brows and enhance the growth in length and volume.

GLASH Revive (Day Serum)
Water , Propylene glycol , tocopherol , oligopeptide-1
, acetyl tetrapeptide-2 , ceramide 1 , polygonum multiflorum extract , 1,2 pentanediol

Glash Revive ( Night Serum )
Water , 1,2-Hexanediol m Pentapeptide-17 m Myristoyl , Pentapeptide-17
Propylent glyciol, Sodium Citrate , Biotin

GLASH Treatment Serum (Gold Bottle)

Water, Propylene , Glycol , Tocopherol (Vitamin E) , Carbomer , 1.2 Pentanediol , Caprylyl Glycol


GLASH is the natural way to get fantastically beautiful eyelashes or brows as it is made out of Plant Based Extracts. It’s highly raved by many local celebrities and influencers! Packed with serious ingredients like polypeptides, biotin, and panthenol, our GLASH serums does wonders for the littlest of lashes & your brow hairs

The magic that goes behind our range of GLASH Lash & Brow serums includes the hydro delivery of pure pentapipetide -17 complex , biotin & rhodiola rosea root extract. It plays a significant role as an identifier of lash & brows that are estranged from the control of the follicle factories. It stimulates these follicles to launch an incessant process of growth & support , enabling them to achieve the thickness and volume desired.

Before & Afters


Using a Lash Pen fitted with a nano needle, we stimulate the lash roots to clear the dead cells, unblock any clogged follicles and activate them. The serums we use consist of natural plant stem cells which help to strengthen your lash / brow roots to promote natural and healthy hair growth.

A: Most clients will see 1-3mm growth in just 1 to 2 sessions. Nonetheless, we usually recommend 3 to 5 sessions for optimal results depending on you lash or brow condition. Note : Results varies on individual

A: The micro-needle we are use is only 0.2mm, therefore you will only feel a tinkling sensation. Some of our customers even fall asleep during the session as it feels like an eye massage therapy.

Most clients can expect 2 to 5mm growth and the results can last up to 2 years with the use of the After Care GLash Revive ( Day ) & GLash Advanced Serums ( Night ) .

Yes, this treatment helps in terms of length, volume and thickness. You will be able to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes and brow hair.

Yes, brow can still grow even if you have done eyebrow embroidery. They are a perfect combination with perfect shape and volume

Google Reviews

07:16 13 Feb 23
Had a wonderful experience at TAC. I tried their NeoGen Evo Skin Tightening with notable results. Prices are reasonable too.The staff Ms. Arwin is very friendly and attentive as well. No hard-selling. Highly recommended. Excellence service.
Airia SAiria S
05:31 11 Feb 23
Arwin is in charge for my brazilian hair removal and she did a great job for all the sesssions i have. Polite, courteous, and it does have effect. Highly recommended to give this place a try if you're looking for a good one! 👍
10:48 09 Feb 23
Had a great experience at TAC. Tried their fat freezing and RF treatment with notable results. Prices are reasonable too.The staff Wynn and Yuni are very friendly and helpful as well. No hard-selling. Highly recommended.
Kelly OngKelly Ong
08:09 09 Feb 23
Did fat freezing, intimate whitening and SHR removal with Wynn and Yuni . Great service, very patient, friendly and professional.
Gmainee EGmainee E
05:31 04 Feb 23
I started with the for fat freeze and now I'm doing facial with them. I love how they are flexi with the option of the facial (same price) and how friendly the staffs are, especially the part where they do not do hard selling, but they share their professional advice.A shout out to Wynn for the wonderful service and friendly personality!
Xiaowenz ligXiaowenz lig
11:15 01 Feb 23
Have done Hydrafacial for 2 times. Everything goes well. Wynn is very dedicated and detailed.
Heather ThomasHeather Thomas
08:47 19 Jan 23
Wynn gave me an excellent hydro facial and massage! I highly recommend her.
09:16 16 Jan 23
Frequent here for RF body and face, intraceutical oxygen facial a few months now would say they provided the best service yet! My skin texture has improved since! Thank you for your awesome service and products! I’ll continue to frequent more!
09:05 14 Jan 23
Awesome service. I’ve been using hydrafacial treatments & laser treatment for my acne. It’s good for my complexion. Arwin is very good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Justina LimJustina Lim
04:38 14 Jan 23
Had facial service here. Therapist Awin provided excellent service and did a great job!
Chang Tian Ya RachelChang Tian Ya Rachel
10:54 13 Jan 23
I love their teeth whitening treatment! It's effective and painless (: would recommend anyone with yellow or patchy teeth to give it a try!
Michelle Chinatsu KhooMichelle Chinatsu Khoo
08:09 03 Jan 23
The clinic offers trial fee for most of the treatments which makes us the trial easier. There are package options available if you would proceed more treatments. There is no aggressive selling on the packages, just getting introduced which make us feel no pressure on the purchase.Went to the clinic for the trial for Facial.Love the clean environment and the skillful treatment extended by Ms Waynn. Lay on bed, close eyes the next moment your flawless face! True relaxation and the enjoyment.My great thanks to you, Waynn. See you on my next treatment 😊
Sharmaine NgSharmaine Ng
11:47 28 Jul 22
I had a very good experience at The Aesthetics Chapter with Yuni and Wynn. They were very professional and patient as they explained the LED teeth whitening procedure to me. I will come again!